Rosehip Drying

Ingredients for Drying Rosehip

  1. Rosehip (fresh) 500 gr.
  • Key Ingredients
  • Serving 6 servings


Baking tray, Paper bags

Cooking drying rose hips:

Step 1: Prepare the dogrose.

It is best to dry whole rose hips, in which the entire supply of vitamins is stored. The first step is to buy freshly picked rose hips in the market, which should have a bright orange color. Then, having come home, we sit down to sort them out, separating the good, whole berries from the dry and rotten ones. Then we cut off the stalks and a cup of flowers from the wild rose, then wash them under cold running water and put them in a colander so that the glass is excess liquid.

Step 2: Dry the dogrose.

Now set the oven to heat. 60 degrees. We spread the dogrose on a baking sheet and send it to dry in the oven 3-4 hours periodically turning over the fruits.

Step 3: Serve drying the rosehip.

Correctly dried fruits should have a brownish-red color and break easily when pressed. To taste, they should turn out to be sweet and sour, and at the same time there should be no smell. Now you have a dogrose for the winter, from which at any time you can make delicious tea or a healing broth. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can dry the rosehip in the open air in the shade, or in the attic, the main thing is to mix it periodically, so that moisture does not accumulate under it.

- - You can store dried rose hips in paper bags or in glass containers.

- - You can keep the dog rose for about 2 years.