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Whip up pancakes

Whip up pancakes

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Whipped ingredients for making pancakes

  1. Chicken eggs 3 pieces
  2. Sugar 4 tablespoons
  3. Kefir 0.5 liter
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
  6. Baking soda 1 incomplete teaspoon
  7. Wheat flour 200-250 grams
  8. Vegetable oil for frying
  • Main ingredients: Eggs, Kefir, Flour
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Knife, Bowl - 2 pieces, Table spoon, Sieve, Teaspoon, Frying pan, Stove, Wooden spoon, Fork, Serving dish

Cooking pancakes in haste:

Step 1: prepare the eggs.

Before we beat the eggs, wash them under running water. I recommend this, as often the shell of the eggs is not completely clean, and this can in turn lead to serious intestinal infections. Using a kitchen knife, break the shell and pour the egg yolk and squirrel into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt. Then, using a tablespoon, pour the sugar to our ingredient in the dishes and whisk everything with a hand whisk until smooth and lush. Attention: you need to beat until the sugar is completely dissolved. You can use a mixer to whip all the ingredients better and faster.

Step 2: prepare the flour.

The basis of our dish is flour. Therefore, if you want to make delicious and tender pancakes, use a high-quality flour product. Flour should be wheat, premium, finely ground and the brand you trust. Before we combine the flour with other ingredients to prepare the dough, you need to sift it so that it is lump free and enriched with atmospheric oxygen. To do this, take a bowl with wide edges and, using a sieve, sift it through it.

Step 3: prepare the dough.

And so our first component is kefir. Well, so that our pancakes turned out to be magnificent, it is necessary to put soda in kefir or sour milk. Soda does not need to be quenched in vinegar; the acidic environment of our ingredient is perfect for this process. Add the component with a teaspoon in a bowl with kefir, and then with a tablespoon, mix everything well. Then we add vegetable oil and salt to taste using the same table equipment. Mix everything again. Add flour to the bowl last. It is important to add this ingredient gradually and in small portions also with a tablespoon, while the whole mass is well mixed so that the flour does not come in lumps and the dough becomes uniform in consistency. It should turn out like thick sour cream. When our dough is ready, put the bowl in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Step 4: fry pancakes in haste.

When the dough is infused, you can start cooking pancakes. To do this, pour vegetable oil into a skillet and put on medium heat. After the pan has heated up, and the oil has warmed up, we fasten the fire. Using a tablespoon, pour small portions of the dough onto a hot surface. When the pancakes are cooked on one side, we turn them over to the other, holding them from below with a wooden spatula and from above with a fork. Attention: since our dough is prepared quite quickly, it is very important that the pancakes do not burn. To do this, adjust the heat and make sure they are slightly fried until golden brown. To do this, it is enough to lift them with a fork and follow the frying process. When the pancakes were fried on both sides, we transfer them to the dish. It is important to remember that flour has the property of settling to the bottom of the dishes, so when you prepare a new portion of the dough for roasting, be sure to stir it well with a spoon before putting it on the pan.

Step 5: serve the pancakes in haste.

Serve pancakes immediately after their preparation. Serve on the table on the dish in which we transferred them after frying, removing from the pan. And although our pancakes themselves have a fragrant and unforgettable taste, it can be enhanced by serving whipped cream, sour cream or preserves to the dish - anyone like it. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - To make your pancakes look appetizing the next day, you need to rewind the plate with the dish with cling film, and before serving, warm the dish in the microwave.

- - If you like vanilla in baking, then you need to add it at the tip of the knife, as this ingredient can make your dough not only fragrant, but also bitter. And this can’t be corrected by anything.

- - During the preparation of pancakes, do not pour a lot of vegetable oil into the pan, as this can cause them to become saturated with oil and become very greasy. If, nevertheless, you went too far with oil, do not be discouraged: transfer the finished pancakes to a kitchen paper towel, it will absorb the excess fat from your baking.

- - It is better to cook pancakes on kefir. And the sour the better. Then you can add a little more sugar.

- - It is better not to cook dough with milk, as it will rise poorly and your dish will not turn out lush.


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