Sacher cake with milk chocolate icing

For the top, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie (but not to exceed the temperature of 40 degrees).

Beat the butter with 75 g of sugar and vanilla sugar until the sugar dissolves. Incorporate fluid chocolate drop by drop. Separate eggs. Incorporate the yolks one by one into the butter cream. Beat the egg whites in a bowl, add 100 g of sugar and beat the meringue. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Half of the amount of egg white is included in the chocolate composition; add flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa. Mix well. Place the remaining beaten egg whites on top and incorporate.

The composition is placed in a cake form (26 cm) greased only on the bottom. Bake the top in the oven for 50-55 min. Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the mold. Then detach the edge of it and remove. The top is turned over on a kitchen grill, it comes off the bottom of the form and it is left to cool completely.

The worktop is cut on three levels. Heat the jam and grease each level with 50 g of jam, overlap the levels. Grease the cake around with the rest of the melted jam.

Melt the milk chocolate in a bain-marie and set aside a small amount in a spirit with a small opening.

Cover the cake with the rest of the chocolate, inscribe and decorate with grated chocolate.

Karlsbad sheet cake with chocolate cream and burnt sugar icing:

Beat the milk well with the yolks and flour.

A crust is obtained from which 5 sheets are made which are baked on the back of a greased tray.

On the red side, grease each sheet with warm butter and sprinkle with a good teaspoon of sugar mixed with ground almonds and bake a little longer.

Melt the chocolate in water, add the fresh butter rubbed the foam with the yolks and the crushed sugar, on the fire, stirring constantly until it starts to boil, after

which is removed from the heat and stirred until cool.

Grease the Karlsbad sheets with this cream and place them on top of each other.

The cake is glazed with chocolate icing or burnt sugar.

Bind the sugar with water and when it has bound as for the icing, color it with burnt sugar.

Perfect glaze: tricks and recipes for successful glazes

Do you know those cakes from confectioners with shiny and delicious glazes that simply melt in your mouth? Well, here you will find gathered the best icing recipes, with tips and hints for a sure success. You can use these glazes for any cake or cake recipe.

1. Glossy chocolate icing with honey

This chocolate icing recipe stays shiny for a long time, and does not harden.

Ingredients for a 23cm cake:

210 gr dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)

42 ml of Cointreau liqueur

Heat the liquid cream together with the honey and add it over the finely chopped or grated chocolate. Put in a bowl on a steam bath, stirring constantly. Add the butter and mix continuously until melted and homogenized. Then add the cognac and leave it on the fire for another 2-3 minutes.

At this point the icing will be very liquid, it can be used in ketchup bottles for example in this phase to be able to arrange it along the cake, line by line.

Or you can take it off the heat before adding the cognac, and mix until it has a little consistency, then spread it with a silicone spatula.

This chocolate icing recipe can be used for almond cake or Sacher Cake.

2. Milk chocolate icing

of icing does not harden like melted chocolate and is very easy to handle. You can use both white chocolate and dark chocolate, being easy to work with it has the right consistency to make models from glazes.

Ingredients for a chocolate bar:

100g chocolate (white or black)

milk (generally 2 tablespoons but if after melting they do not reach a creamy consistency so a pudding is thinner and is too thick add another tablespoon of milk).

It is very easy to prepare: put all the ingredients in a bowl on a steam bath and mix until smooth. This chocolate icing recipe can be used to decorate blackberries or to make different models of icing as you can see in the video from the pineapple and white chocolate cake recipe.

This icing recipe is very easy to prepare, and you only need 3 ingredients. Being white and shiny, the icing is perfect for decorating Christmas cookies or gingerbread. You can add food coloring for a game of colors. But this egg white glaze hardens quite quickly so work quickly with it.

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix the sugar with the egg whites with a wooden spoon, mix vigorously until it melts and you get a homogeneous paste. Then add the lemon juice and the dye if you want, mix until smooth, then fill the pos with the icing obtained.

Yes, plain, melted chocolate can be used as icing. What you need to know when using melted chocolate instead of icing is that it hardens well, so you should use it in a very thin layer if you want to use it for the entire surface of the cake, or "drop" it. "in thin lines, to change the look of a black woman for example. Always melt the chocolate in the steam bath, it is the safest.

5. Icing with burnt sugar flavor

Burnt sugar is a crunchy, caramelized icing, has an aroma that can be associated with different tastes and textures. In combination with liquid cream and butter you will get a delicious caramel icing.

If you use only melted sugar you can get a delicate and crunchy crust for Dobos Cake.

You can also get a fine caramel glaze if you melt the caramels in liquid cream and mix until smooth. 5 stickies with sticky milk are enough to 50ml liquid cream.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Boil on low heat the sugar mixed with butter and milk for 2 minutes. Stir continuously while it cools, then add the vanilla and powdered sugar and mix well.

Biscuit cake with chocolate icing and condensed milk (without baking)

Uncooked cakes and pastries have been and will probably remain the favorite desserts of housewives, especially beginners. This wonderful dessert can't help but come out. All you have to do is harmoniously combine a few ingredients, follow a few simple steps of preparation and you finally get a cake or a cake of millions.

We warmly invite you to try this easy cookie cake recipe with chocolate icing and to impress your family and friends with a fantastic dessert that is delicious, fragrant and good-looking! Enjoy with pleasure!

Countertop ingredients

-200 g of dark chocolate (bitter)

-½ glass of boiled condensed milk

Ingredients for mousse

-80 g of vanilla pudding

-2 tablespoons boiled condensed milk

Ingredients for icing

-150 g of dark chocolate (bitter)

Ingredients for ornament

Method of preparation

1. Prepare the worktop. Put the chocolate, butter, condensed milk and cream in a bowl.

2. Put the bowl on the fire and melt the ingredients over low heat until you get a homogeneous mass.

3. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

4. Break the biscuits into not very small pieces and mix them with the hot chocolate composition.

5. Mix the composition well and pour it into a 24 cm diameter mold with removable walls. Distribute and level evenly over the entire surface.

6. Prepare the mousse. Beat the cream and pudding with the mixer, then add the boiled condensed milk and continue to mix until smooth.

7. Assembly. Spread the mousse evenly on the cookie sheet and place in the freezer for 1.5 hours.

8. Meanwhile, prepare the icing. Melt the chocolate with the cream and butter in a bain-marie.

9. Pour the icing over the mousse and put the cake in the fridge so that the icing cools well.

10. Garnish the cake with boiled condensed milk, using a pastry posh for this purpose.

Wheat Cake Sacher original recipe

It starts with melting the chocolate on steam.

In the bowl of a mixer place the soft butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. Mix well until creamy and fluffy. Separate the eggs and add the yolks one by one, mixing well after each one. Pour the melted chocolate (slightly cooled) into a thin strand and incorporate well.

Beat the 6 egg whites with a drop of salt and gradually add the caster sugar. The foam must be smooth and shiny. Pour the foam over the butter composition and sift the flour on top. Incorporate easily, from top to bottom, until the composition is homogeneous but still airy. Don't mix! Do not put baking powder! It is an aberration to put baking powder in the Sacher cake top. It must remain moist and creamy not to become dry and spongy (spongy). In no case is the Sacher cake top syrupy!

Choose a circular shape (with a diameter of 20-22 cm and a height of min. 5-6 cm) and grease well with butter and line with flour. If it has a removable bottom, it will be covered with baking paper. Preheat the oven to 170C (medium stage for gas). Pour the composition into the shape and level it gently with a spatula. Bake in the hot oven for 50-60 minutes. The recipe mentioned above says that the oven door should be left open with 1 finger in the first 15 minutes. I didn't leave it (I used the oven's ventilation function). The countertop is baked when a light touch remains with the finger. The toothpick test doesn't work much here because the countertop is much wetter than a regular pandispan.

Note: the countertop may crack on the surface during baking. It's normal, don't panic! After removing it from the form and cooling it, choose the most beautiful and smooth face (which is usually the bottom of the cake)!

When baked, the Sacher cake top is turned over on a kitchen grill and left to cool for 20 minutes. Only after this does the sheet of baking paper come off its bottom. The cake returns to its original position and is placed back in the form in which it was baked. Leave there until completely cooled.

Original Sacher Cake Stuffing

When it has reached room temperature, it can be removed from the mold again and cut with a knife with a long and well-sharpened blade into 2 transverse sheets. In order for these sheets to sit perfectly after greasing with jam, I marked their meeting point with 2 toothpicks (one in the lower countertop, another in the upper one). I used an individual plastic (or a stronger cardboard) to move the top sheet (I inserted it between the two sheets and lifted it with the top sheet). The cake is very fragile and does not work with the hand. Choose the most beautiful and smooth sheet (usually the bottom of the cake) and place it on top, to get a beautiful icing!

Apricot jam is slightly heated in a saucepan and then strain through a fine sieve. Dilute with a little orange juice (freshly squeezed) or orange liqueur (I put 20ml of Grand Marnier). Grease the lower countertop well with this fine marmalade. Place the top on top (taking into account the markings in the toothpicks) and grease it well with the jam (including the sides of the cake). Fine apricot jam is recommended to be applied under any icing, to any cake. Its role is to smooth and fill any imperfections of the countertop and to create a waterproof film (the glaze will not be absorbed by the countertop).

Chocolate icing for Sacher cake original recipe

Prepare the glaze. The glaze is a classic, not a ganache (ganas) as others try to present it. Ganache remains sticky while the original glaze is one that hardens after drying.

Here I respected the quantities in the recipe but I chose the procedure indicated by the Marquise specialist. I put all the ingredients from the beginning in the pan in order: sugar, water and chocolate. He also explained to me why the order in which you place them in the bowl matters: if they are put upside down, granules of sugar can remain on the walls of the bowl, caramelize and spoil the composition. I listened to her and I did well. I put the pan to boil over medium heat and I timed 5 minutes from the moment it started to boil. It boiled well. I turned off the fire and pulled it aside. Leave to cool for a few minutes. It mixes from time to time but very easily (so as not to make the film on the surface). It does not mix strongly because it begins to form threads and turns into fondant.

Biscuit cake with milk cream and chocolate icing (without baking)!

-250 g of crispy and crumbly biscuits ("Petit Beurre" type).

For milk cream:

-a tip of a vanilla knife (you can replace it with an envelope of vanilla sugar, a vial of vanilla essence or a teaspoon of vanilla extract).

For the chocolate icing:

-2 tablespoons cocoa powder


1.Prepare the cream: break the eggs into a thick-bottomed saucepan and beat until smooth and frothy.

2.Add the condensed milk and mix until smooth.

3.Add milk and vanillin. Stir.

4. Put the pan on low heat. Stirring continuously, boil the cream for 1 minute from the moment of boiling, then take it off the heat and let it cool.

5. Beat the soft butter (at room temperature) with the mixer for one minute. Then, without interrupting the mixing, gradually incorporate (one tablespoon) the boiled cream into it.

6.As long as the boiled cream cools (after step 4), prepare the chocolate icing: put the sugar, cocoa powder (sifted) and milk in a bowl. Stir until smooth.

7. Heat the composition in the microwave, stirring after every 30 seconds. The total heat processing time of the glaze is 3 minutes.

8.Assemble the cake: put a layer of biscuits in a rectangular and deep shape. Cover it with a generous layer of cream.

9. Continue alternating layers until you have used all the ingredients. The last layer must be biscuits.

10. Spread the icing evenly over the surface of the cake.

11. Put the cake in the fridge for 2 hours, so that it penetrates and coagulates. Then portion it and serve it!

Tort Sacher

Invented around 1830 by a confectioner (named Franz Sacher) from Vienna, the recipe has been kept secret for more than a decade. It is said to be the best cake in the world. The secret? A special countertop, the finest apricot jam and a thick chocolate icing, all along with sour cream. Mandatory, along with a slice of Sacher cake, a hot coffee with milk is served. Here (http://www.sacher.com/en-sacher-photos.shtml), you can visually enjoy this special and famous cake.


For the countertop: 150 grams of dark chocolate (65-70% cocoa), 150 grams of butter, 100 g of powdered sugar and 100 grams of caster sugar, a vanilla stick, 6 large eggs, 150 grams of flour, 300 grams of apricot jam (mandatory). .

For the glaze: 200 grams of sugar, 125 ml of water, 200 g of dark chocolate

Method of preparation:

- Break the 150 gram chocolate bar into pieces, and place it in a bain-marie bowl to slowly melt.
- Put the soft butter, add the powdered sugar, and the seeds from the vanilla bean. Mix with the mixer, and add, alternately, melted chocolate and an egg yolk, until the eggs and chocolate are finished.
- Beat the egg whites together with the caster sugar, until it melts completely, and the egg whites become very hard and dense.
- Mix half of the egg whites in the chocolate cream, add the sifted flour, then the rest of the egg whites. Mix slowly with a spatula so that the dough remains fluffy and airy.
- Place baking paper on the bottom of a 24 cm diameter mold, pour the composition and wrap it with a spatula.
- Preheat the oven and put the cake. In the first 15 minutes, leave the oven door open, then close the oven door and leave it for another 30-40 minutes.
- Turn the countertop over on a wooden bottom, remove the paper and let it cool completely. Cut it in half horizontally.
- Put the apricot jam in a bain-marie. When it has warmed up, pour the jam into a blender, put a spoonful of brandy and mix well.
- When the cake is assembled, grease its entire surface with jam. If the jam is warm, it's better.

Prepare the glaze:

- Put the sugar with water on the fire. After it starts to boil, leave it for another 4 minutes. Set aside the syrup obtained and melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Then slowly add the melted chocolate to the hot sugar syrup, stirring with a pear. Stir slowly so that no air enters the glaze, until a thick and smooth glaze results.
- Pour the icing in the middle of the cake and quickly spread it on the surface and on the edges. Place the cake on a plate and let the icing harden. Decorate as simple as possible.
- Allow the cake to cool to room temperature and serve only 24 hours after preparation. It is kept in the refrigerator only after it has been started.

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White Chocolate Icing Cake

Select the weight / composition before ordering the desired product

For the compositions Bezea, Carrot cake, Emoke, Jamaica, Joffre, Mascot, Mosaic and Silvia, the price is 93 lei / kg
The cake can vary by +/- 10-15% of the required weight

Remarks! The cake is decorated according to the fruits available in stock.

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  1. In a bowl, over low heat, melt the chocolate cubes, sugar and milk. As soon as you have incorporated them well, give the flame faster and let the mix boil.
  2. Remove from the heat and add the butter and cocoa powder. Mix well and pour chocolate icing, over the cake or cake, warm.

Prepare this as soon as possible chocolate glaze. You will fall in love with her taste!

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maybe you wanted to write 100 ml of milk.

This recipe ruined my day. look how my first glaze failed! x (if you are not able to publish correct recipes better stop writing.

The glaze with these ingredients is very good. on the other hand, the quantities passed here are not very ok. Luckily I put the quantities in my eyes, and I didn't have 1 liter of milk. Initially I had a "cocoa with milk", but I boiled for about 15-20 minutes until the composition thickened and was delicious.

it's great, when I put it on the cake I feel like I'm in heaven. I love her . I didn't like the glaze, but now I'm a "glaze fan."

I ruined everything, I don't know what the lady meant. if he knows all 3 / glazes / like that, better nuuuu

I doubt it can result in a glaze of a liter of milk and only 100 g of chocolate + a cocoa powder + a cube of butter and 150 g of sugar. What you say here is like. cocoa with milk. I think any housewife should know how to make not necessarily three, "at least" a glaze - but good :))

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