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Non-alcoholic mulled wine

Ingredients for the preparation of non-alcoholic mulled wine


  1. Cherry 100 gr.
  2. Red currant 100 gr.
  3. Raspberries 100 gr.
  4. Apples 100 gr.
  5. Rosehip 100 gr.
  6. Orange 2 pcs.
  7. Lemon 1 pc.


  1. Bay leaf 3 pcs.
  2. Dried cloves 6 pcs.
  3. Star anise 1 star
  4. Cinnamon 2 sticks
  5. Nutmeg 2 pinches
  6. Allspice on the tip of a knife
  7. Black pepper on the tip of a knife
  8. Black cardamom 1 pc.
  9. Green cardamom 6-7 pcs.
  • Main Ingredients: Orange, Lemon, Apple, Rosehip
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World cuisineGerman cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Saucepan with a lid, Glasses, Ladle

Preparation of non-alcoholic mulled wine:

Step 1: Making fruit compote.

The set of fruits indicated in the recipe is extremely conditional. What can be modified? Firstly, you can use both fresh fruits, and dried or frozen. Secondly, you can not use the entire set, but only 2-3 types of fruit, you can also supplement the drink with another to your taste. Of course, it is desirable that the rosehip and apples in any form are present in the compote. What we do first of all: it is necessary to thoroughly rinse all the fruits and the stalks are successful. Cut apples into a slice, removing seeds. Small berries can be used as a whole. We collect 2.5 liters of water into the pan, add our set of berries and fruits (it should be at least 500 grams) to it, and put it all on medium heat. Bring to a boil, reduce the strength of the gas and cook another 5-7 minutes. After that, remove the pan from the heat. Cut the pure oranges and lemon, then, squeezing in a hand, squeeze the juice from them directly into our compote, and add the remaining pulp to the drink.

Step 2: Add the spices.

If some spices are hard to reach for you, then you can exclude them from the recipe, since the entire set of products is very conditional. Bay leaf must be washed in water. Cinnamon must be chopped with a knife, cut the cardamom so that the seeds spill out. The rest we use spices in their original form. We add this mixture to our compote, mix thoroughly, cover the pan with a lid and let it brew for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Serve non-alcoholic mulled wine.

Using a ladle, pour mulled wine into glasses. The drink is consumed in a warm or hot form. It can be decorated with diced apples, a cinnamon stick and other spices from the pan, and a slice of orange can be attached to the side of the glass. Have a good time!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you do not have the opportunity to get the listed fruits, then you can use only rose hips and apples, and instead of water, pour grape juice into the pan. Such mulled wine turns out to be no less tasty and fragrant.

- - Be very careful when adding peppers to the drink. If you are allergic to this product, or if you don’t like spicy food, then it’s better to completely refuse it.

- -If you have a certain amount of drink left, then you can put it in the refrigerator, and warm it up before the next drink.